Our Mission

To assist victims of domestic violence and/or child abuse by providing resources for them to achieve a safe, healthy, and happy future that is free from the terror of ongoing abuse and violence.

Judicial Terrorism®

Working to prevent judicial terrorism® by helping to educate the public, judiciary, lawyers, and advocates about the impact judicial terrorists® have on domestic violence and child abuse victims.

Judicial Terrorist®: an abuser using coercive control to manipulate a judicial proceeding

Judicial Terrorism®: the unique dynamic created by an abuser between a victim of domestic violence and the court because of the abuser’s use of the U.S. judicial system for continued domestic violence long after separation and divorce

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Millions of women experience interpersonal violence everyday, but they rarely experience it in any one particular form of abuse.

Because they are not physically injured, many victims do not realize that they have been, or are being, abused.

Domestic violence is a persistent, universal problem that affects women’s personal safety four times more often than it affects men’s safety.

Men’s abuse against women often presents in an ongoing, coercive, and controlling fashion and has a much more devastating impact on the victim than physical violence alone.